Dad died at 11:15 this morning from brain cancer. He was 67. We learned about his tumor in January, 2009, and we’ve been battling hard ever since. He had two brain surgeries, radiation, and various forms of chemotherapy including clinical trials at National Institute of Health.

He loved traveling, sailing, photography, friends and family. He never accepted anything but perfection and it was apparent in all of his endeavors, including bird photography, gourmet cooking, fine carpentry, and in his professional life as a business executive.

He is the reason I sail, and the reason I took up photography. He was the best father that anyone could have ever asked for and we already severely miss him.
This photo is of Dad on the left, with his two grandkids and two daughters-in-law off of Martha’s Vineyard on his boat, “Expeditious” Aug 2009.

Love you Dad, Rest in Peace.
– Allen Clark

Here is a link to is obituary.