The Newport-Bermuda Race is always one of the highest-profile events on the East Coast sailing circuit, and the start on Narragansett bay just off of Newport is full of excitement. This year was no different, with a 180+ boats and dozens of spectator boats, the starting area was packed and the warm, sunny light-wind weather made it a great day for onlookers.

We opted to rent a VSR for the job this year, with the hope that a bit more speed would help us catch more boats. Without a tiller setup like our dinghies, driving and shooting cannot be done as adroitly, so we divided responsibilities for best success: Allen drove and I- harnessed in at the bow- took the photos. The setup worked extremely well- with all of Allen’s experience driving the dinghy, I had the best driver possible- I don’t think there could be anybody better at putting the boat in the right place for the shot. But it begs the question, who deserves the copyright for these photos? Technically, it would be me, but it doesn’t seem quite right. It was a team effort, with Allen’s job being as important as mine, as he was creating the shots. For us, as partners and husband-wife, it doesn’t really matter how we get the shots, or who takes them…copyright Clark, or works for us.

posted by Daniela