Ironically, the Vineyard Race is not quite to the Vineyard and back and the Denmark Race is most definitely not to Denmark and back. Both races are held by Stamford Yacht Club and are among the most important on the Long Island Sound annual racing calendar.

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Labor Day Weekend’s Vineyard Race was a bit of a floater this year, but it’s still a great race with a lot of history and importance on Long Island Sound. Conditions at the start were light, but the setting sun and some interesting clouds made the 60-or-so yachts nicely photogenic without even heeling over.

We got a kick out of seeing Donnybrook at this race just a few weeks after photographing them in a race from Annapolis to St. Mary’s City, MD- the Governor’s Cup.

The Stamford Denmark Race, also known as the Cheese Race, is a one-day race outside of Stamford Harbor that always has great attendance, particularly among boats that don’t necessarily race a lot. This year the weather was similar to 2006, with nice clear skies on the heals of a cold front. The breeze was a lighter northwesterly, but still brought a few good gusts in.

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