“The Antarctic wants you dead. It is that simple. In order to survive for even a single night in the extreme environment, you must dig your tent, and yourself into the ice. If you do not build sufficiently tall walls and dig yourself in deep enough, the catabatic winds that roll off of the glaciers and the ice may very well blow you and your tent away.” -Connor Fitzpatrick (words and photos)

Connor, a Brunswick School senior who shoots for PhotoBoat, was selected to join Sir Robert Swan’s 2041 project for a two-week Antarctic Expedition.
He saw humpback whales, penguins, and an Antarctic base station that will run on renewable energy, among many other amazing things, all of which he captured wonderfully. See more of his photos and read more about the mission at http://www.cbfphotos.com/ .
Look for Connor on the water representing PhotoBoat this summer.