Today’s final day of Yngling Worlds was full of happiness for some and tears for others, as several teams locked in spots in the Olympic games in China and others had to bid that prospect farewell. In this photo, the GBR 12 team celebrates after the finish of today’s second race. The women had the world championship locked in with one race still remaining. France and Russia also had teams that took bullets today.

The conditions on Biscayne Bay were very light at the beginnng of the day, but the wind slowly picked up to around 12 knots and the racing got a lot more exciting. The fleet got three races in.
We were both out there taking shots for the International Yngling Association, Allen in the dinghy and I on a RIB. Conditions were tricky for photography with the combination of light breeze, low booms, and sun and wind coming from opposing directions…it made it challenging for us to capture the girls’ faces in bright light. But we like a challenge and still came away with some nice shots. We were also asked to get some shots that can be used to advertise match racing since that’s how the Ynglings will compete in China.
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