Sunrise between Block Island and Martha’s Vineyard, August 13th, 2008.

We left Norwalk at around 2 pm Tuesday, August 12th, a good time to leave to hit the Race right at an average speed of 6 to 6.5 knots. With 10-15 from the Northwest, shifting to Southwest, in the forecast, the trip was looking good. Our boat (Gulfstar 37, aka condo that sails fast on a reach) doesn’t like to sail upwind- or really, we don’t like to sail upwind at 55+ degree tacking angles- so we usually do our best to avoid big upwind stretches in high seas. No issue here.

The overnight “sail” was pretty easy, with lighter breezes than forecasted oscillating between NW and SW. We motor-sailed the entire way, never having enough breeze to push us at more than 5 knots under sails alone and liking the idea of getting our fridge nice and cold since we’d be on battery power alone for the coming week.

We went through the Race at 11 pm, passed close to Block Island at 3 am, and arrived in Nantucket at 3 pm. If that’s not enough info for you…you can track us at our SPOT page.

Next on the event list, Nantucket Race Week and the Opera House Cup photos.