1. We use small boats because we can’t afford bigger ones.

False. We use bigger boats sometimes- and we started with a bigger boat- but we chose the dinghies so we could get close without causing a wake or a wind-shadow.

2. We go out in separate boats because we argue too much to drive each other around.

True! We’re getting married in 2009, so it’s nothing personal, but we’re independent when it comes to putting ourselves in the right spot. It’s the right way to do it.

3. We use wide angle lenses because we can’t afford bigger ones.

False. Somebody actually made this claim on a certain popular sailing web forum, and they were so wrong. We have big lenses, but we rarely use them. Our throttle is our zoom, and as a result, our image quality is better!

4. PhotoBoat.com is one of those big internet companies, kind of like Amazon.com.

False. Sometimes we like to be funny and tell our customers they need to talk to our customer service department, but the truth is we’re a small company with a big name. We’re product development, fulfillment, packaging, shipping, marketing, bookkeeping, sales, and – most importantly – customer service, all in the hands of two- sometimes three- people.

5. We’re crazy.

False, of course. We prefer the term “adrenaline junkies.”

6. We’re photographers that decided to try getting involved in sailing because it looked cool.

False. Now that would be crazy. We attribute our success 75% to our skills and knowledge in sailing and boating. Without the eye, we’d be nowhere, but without the sailing skills, we’d be in the protest room.

7. We started this business expecting to photograph local Western Long Island Sound events.

True. We have to admit we didn’t realize we’d have to have a bigger reach to make it big, but it became apparent quickly. We love doing the local club events on LIS (except when there’s no wind), but it’s our willingness to travel that makes our business viable instead of just a reason to write off boat fuel.

8. Being a marine photographer means spending all of your time on the water.

False. It is nice being on the water, but we spend 5 hours on the computer for every hour spent on the water, and 1 hour working out boat logistics for every hour on the water. Many of the hours on the water are spent waiting for wind in an 11’ boat with no shade. But still, we know we have a cool job and we’re grateful.

9. We’ve never lost a camera overboard.

True. We know a few people who have, but we have managed to keep our investments safe so far.

10. Daniela’s tiller extension is a piece of a Laser upper mast.

True. Some observant people have noticed this and gotten a kick out of it. It’s the top piece of an upper section, complete with the blue plastic piece stuck in the end. The truth is, both tillers would be made of mast pieces if we had two kicking around; Allen’s extension/throttle is made of PVC and it has broken before.