Nantucket is the place to be for classic yacht enthusiasts. The local boats alone amount to a large collection of historic vessels that are wonderful to look at. Add Nantucket Race Week and the Opera House Cup, and you’ve got one of the biggest collection of classic yachts that we’ve ever seen.

See the photos here.

We can see it all from our spot on anchor in the harbor and even got to see some too close as we woke up in the middle of the night “rafted” with a ketch. Not our fault…we were here first and thought they had set hook a little too close. No damage done, just some time on deck during a downpour at three am.

We beefed up our anchor system in Key West so we are pretty confident in our hold here in 7 ft of water, even though we just watched an unmanned C&C drag by us and alerted the harbormaster.

We’ve got some great shots of 12 meters, International One Designs, and other classic and some not-as-classic yachts during Nantucket Race Week on Thursday and Friday.

See our photos here.

Saturday we did something a little different and opted to sail instead of taking pictures. With a pretty light forecast and overcast sky in the morning, and many of the same boats racing as the day before….and a desire to do more of the thing we like most that got us into this business…we “played hooky” and raced instead of photographing. The W class yacht White Wings had us aboard trimming jib and it was a great change of pace.

With the event-culminating Opera House Cup next on the docket, we’re looking forward to even more classic yacht action and Nantucket harbor excitement.