Yes, we were back on the Chesapeake, and here’s a shot of another screwpile lighthouse to prove it. This time it’s the Thomas Point light, left to starboard by Governor’s Cup racers on their way from Annapolis to St. Mary’s College at the mouth of the Potomac.

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We did this exact trip in November ’06 on our way to Key West from CT, but we did not have to anchor in the middle of the trip to avoid drifting backwards like many of these sailors did. That’s the beauty of a working engine (not always to be taken for granted) and a need to get South before it gets even colder.

But enough about us. Around 150 boats of varying sizes started at sunset and finished throughout the next day on the 70-mile race down the Chesapeake.

Conditions were very light at the start, but the setting sun created some nice soft light, as expected.

This event includes a photography competition and also draws a lot of spectator boats from Annapolis, especially on such a calm evening. The result, lots of spirit for the race- a good thing- but also a lot of big boats buzzing around the start on a light wind night. Dude, get a dinghy.

This wake was the result of something big. I watched American Flyer and Dame Blanche get knocked to a standstill. It took them several minutes to get any boatspeed back while the rest of their division pushed ahead.

As the sun set, we dinghied back to Annapolis, put the boats on the trailer and drove to Historic St. Mary’s City. St. Mary’s is the original capital of Maryland, but is not in our GPS or in Mapquest. It’s a beautiful place if a little hard to find.

The next morning, with a dozen or so boats already on the dock after a nocturnal finish, we captured many boats heading toward the finish in a variety of conditions, including pouring rain in the middle of a storm.

The nice light before the storm and the banks of the river made for some great shots, like the is one of the St. Mary’s College team on Hendonism.

With only one or two hours of sleep behind them, hundreds of sailors enjoyed a 12-hour party on St. Mary’s College campus, with three bands, many local vendors, ice cream, and a beer truck that opened at 10 am.

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For more about this event full of tradition and fun, including this year’s results, see the SMCM website: