The sun and wind made a joint appearance today for the first time all week at Key West Race Week. A strong NE breeze upwards of 20 knots made for an intense last day of racing. Conditions were choppier than they were wavy, which makes Allen’s life more difficult. He decided to stick with the Div 2 course after taking a few shots of the Mumm 30s, Farr 40s, and Melges 32s first thing in the morning.

On a day like today it can be hard to catch boats like Numbers (J/V 66) and Gwaihir (Class 40) in an 11′ dinghy with a 20 hp, but that’s part of the challenge that keeps Allen interested. We talked to some crew on Gwaihir who mentioned that they prefer distance racing. They are so fast downwind in breeze like today’s that as soon as they got their chute set, it was just about time to take it down.

Radio chatter was busy today and included several boats retiring early due to equipment failure, several protests, and an MOB in the J105 fleet (was quickly recovered by another boat). There was nothing boring about today and the sailors returned to the docks charged up with stories about blown out chutes.

So the awards are now given and another Key West Race Week comes to an end. Before we know it, the logo-covered trailers will be gone from the parking lots in town, the carbon fiber forest in Key West Bight will transform back to one of wood and aluminum, and the dogs will once again own the place at Schooner Wharf Bar.

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