It’s not an uncommon occurance for a group of 20 or so racing sailboats to be sitting around waiting for wind to fill in on Long Island Sound, but for some reason at the Greenwich Cup, people got very creative. The waiting became part of the action. It’s a huge help for a photographer sitting alone in an 11′ boat to have people doing tricks for him.

Here, SoulMate topped the USMMA’s spreader jumping with a spreader dive. Kids, don’t try this at home.

Still, the creativity points go to the USMMA for “floorboarding”. Believe it or not, a Farr 40 can easily tow a USMMA male student standing on a floorboard.

The group still managed to get three races in over the light-wind weekend and PhotoBoat provided 8x10s in the club’s engraved frames for the awards. They looked great!

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