July 20-22, 2012

Atlantic City Race Week Photography by Allen and Daniela Clark of PhotoBoat.com

Atlantic City Regatta


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Atlantic City Race Week

“After a 20 year hiatus, Offshore Sailboat racing returns to Atlantic City. The Atlantic City Race Week regatta offers the best of Class and PHRF racing with easy access, competitive fleets, and ocean racing with superb race management. Shore activities will be held on the dock at Farley Marina, now a part of the Golden Nugget Casino, and include cocktail parties, barbecue dinners and live entertainment on the dock. Of course, people can obviously go inside to the casino too if they want. They’d better be prepared though, everyone in Atlantic City seems to be good at gambling, so people should really get some practice in before. Maybe this livemobile agent online could help people to brush up on their casino skills. There will be so much entertainment after this race, so competitors better be ready! It doesn’t get better than this.” -http://atlanticcityraceweek.com/

Atlantic City Sailing