Last year’s Vineyard Race was a sprint, which made it easy to forget what a Marathon the race usually is. This year’s race took between just about 1 full day (Gadzooks, 1 day, 6 min – Cornfield Point Course) and nearly 2 full days (Letting Go, 1 day, 22 hours, 17 min – Vineyard Course). We had to be patient just like everybody else as we sat off of Norwalk for 8 hours yesterday, only seeing a boat every half an hour or so. But thank goodness for Kattack and an iPad, and the fact that our VSR has seats. The wind at the start was a bit light, but we enjoyed photographing a bunch of boats as they sailed toward the finish with a little bit more breeze. We’ll be at the party displaying photos on our terminals and providing awards prints. But in the meantime, see the photos here. We got photos of 90% of the boats. Thanks to Rick Bannerot for helping with awards prints for the two boats we missed.