Today the St. Petersburg Yacht Club race committee showed me why they have such a good reputation for race management. The course I covered had five different classes on it and they were all racing multi-lap courses, some W/L, some triangle. It made my job tougher because every time one fleet was rounding the windward mark, another fleet was finishing just to windward of it.

The above shot shows A Cat, 505, Contender on the layline.

The RC got in two long races (and 3 for A Cats because they are that fast) despite a long postponement in the AM.

With A Cats and Ultima 20s (and all of the five fleets) meeting in right-of-way situations and a big bang from a collision between an FD and a U20, I barely had time to complain about light breeze. There was a lot going on. I didn’t get catch the collision on “film” but maybe it can be seen on Kattack’s race tracking at . Let’s hope the sound was worse than the damage.

See the results at the SPYC website