“Whenever I print a Gov Cup order, I get a warm fuzzy feeling,” Allen joked recently. It’s true- Gov Cup is such a great event, with such enthusiastic participants, that we always love covering the race. This year’s weather helped us create some especially good photos, as the wind picked up and the seas became lumpy as nearly 150 boats tacked their way down the Chesapeake. Add sunset lighting to the mix, and we’re a couple of happy photographers.

Gov Cup was also special for PhotoBoat this year as it was our first event with our new VSR. We went through the entire 10-hour break-in period for our brand new Honda 60 during the race. We had no problem varying the throttle during the break-in period as we chased down more than 100 boats at full speed, then slowed down to photograph them! The VSR handled extremely well, as we knew it would, and moving forward we’re extremely excited to use the boat in combination with our dinghies.

See the Gov Cup photos here.