Captain Allen Clark – Boat Delivery Service
Westport, CT in Summer – Winter in Saint Petersburg, FL


Allen is an experienced and qualified captain with a 100ton master license and thousands of delivery miles who will take extreme care with your boat to make sure it arrives at its final destination as expeditiously as possible.

Captain Allen Clark

Here’s some info:

  • An example 5 day boat delivery will cost approximately $2,400 plus expenses. Day rate for captain starts at $350 plus $150 per pro crew member.
  • Travel expenses on top of the day rate may include airfare, taxi, hotel, etc. depending on the delivery.
  • Other expenses include fuel, equipment purchased to make a safe/legal voyage that is not already on the vessel, dock-age during unsafe weather or mechanical problems.
  • If the delivery is held up due to weather or mechanical problems the captain and crew will make half their day rate during the lay days.
  • Captain Clark requires that the boat owner adds the captain to the existing insurance policy. Insurers are used to this process and are happy to add a qualified captain.